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We are a husband + wife team, and we created Inspire Metals with one purpose in mind; to give you the most creative, artistic and inspiring art which can be placed at your home or business with pride. Our vision is to plant positive seeds inside people homes, with hopes that they will take the positivity out into the world. Inspire Metals strives to provide our customers with beautifully designed and crafted custom metal wall art for the home or office.

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She was an artist; he was a metal fabricator. They met, and sparks flew… literally.

Eddie + Brandi met in 2011. Symmetry met synchronicity to bring this power couple together. Though they didn’t start off as a power couple, they simply ended up there by being two passionate artists that complimented each other in many ways.  After finding themselves in Eddie’s garage, playing with metal scraps. Breathing life into them, and creating together – they knew two things:

1. Magic exists


2. they wanted to share it with the world.

I|M was born in a garage, and its parents went from being two random artists with a passion for creating, to two artists with one vision – to inspire positive change and ignite passion in others.

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Brandi has always loved creating, painting and bedazzling everything in her path. Her intention has always been to leave things better than she found them, that includes the world. Growing up, she would drive her parents crazy by adding glitter and nail polish to any and everything.

She loves all things design, from marketing, digital and graphic design to cosmetology. She has created logos, for some well-known companies, such as Tuuli Cosmetics, Hammerhead Solutions, Jacobs, Hines Callaway and many more. She has won International cosmetology competitions and been part of events such as The Party Rock Crew Hair Show.

More of Brandi’s accomplishments of note:

  • Co-founder of Women of Caliber, a not for profit organization encouraging women to lift and empower other women. WOC’s mission is to remind the ladies that we are in this together, and that there is plenty of room at the top, we aren’t in competition – we are here to help each other.
  • A member of Girls Inc., a not for profit geared toward educating young women, offering mentorship and tutoring.
    Brandi’s life experience, artistic side and her passion for Philanthropy adds bold femininity to the designs of Inspire Metals. Her ideas are inspired by the things she loves most in her life, such as; love, the ocean, spirituality and motivating and helping others.
Women of Caliber Movement 3rd Annual Luncheon
Brandi creating hairpieces for the Party Rock Crew Hair Show

Eddie is a true Cali-boy and complete man’s man, and working with metal is undeniably in his blood. Eddie’s first job was working for his dad’s company, Ed’s Bug Builder. Where together they worked on repairing Volkswagen Bugs.

By age 15, Eddie was building motors for race cars, by 17 he developed his first custom turbocharged system, and by 27, he had built his first full race car.

Imagination meets Invention when it comes to the way Eddie’s brilliant mind works. Over the years he has done fabrication work for a number of companies you’ve heard of including Legoland, Home Depot, Applebee’s and more. He created state-the-art stages for Noah’s Event Center and is also responsible for creating and producing prototypes for Derringer Cycles.

Eddie can fix just about anything that needs fixing, and if he can’t, he will tear it apart and make something amazing out of the scraps. Making things work better and more effectively is definitely a talent.  Years of experience with everything from off-road cars to wrought iron fences contributes to the quality + durability of their designs.

Eddie Yaros Fabricating a Derringer Cycles Prototype


My 3rd piece and I couldn’t LOVE it more! 🙂 Your beautiful creations add so much warmth to our home and us women are “verbal” souls! lol so having these words on our wall are simply touching and gorgeous! Your work is Very classy!


This is a beautiful modern piece of art and is lightweight yet heavy duty. It looks perfect right next to our front door. The installation/hanging process was easy to do as well. Very pleased with this purchase.

I love love love the lotus! It is so beautiful in our bedroom. It was easy to hang and literally took 5 minutes or less. They included a drill bit which was great for a quick installation. The packaging was great and kept the product safe. Thank you so much!